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Post all kinds of media Tumblr suggests several types of media for you to post. These types involve: text, photo, quote, link, audio, and video and the best you can do is utilize them all. If your topic is not suitable for a specific type of post, don’t push yourself to post that particular media. You can post things that are directly connected to your niche but you can also post more entertaining content that will appeal to the mass users. Post memes One of the particular things about Tumblr is that of all kinds of media, memes are widely accepted. Memes aren’t very tough to make, so if you can’t locate ready-made ones, take the time to create a few of memes yourself and watch if they get the output you are expecting for. Add relevant Tags Tags on Tumblr are very significant because this is the main channel through which viewers will track you. For this reason it makes sense to add applicable tags. Look for alternatives and synonyms of your aimed search phrases, and incorporate them all. Attractive profile Like all the other social media, your profile is your business card. For that reason, you can’t have an untidy profile. You require to create an first-rate profile so that other users like you ‐ this boosts the possibilities of getting more followers. Be active The solution to getting a dedicated following on Tumblr is to be dedicated yourself. It’s better to post a link a day than post ten links at once after you have been gone for ten days as your followers will have the routine of checking the daily content from you. Interact with other users Follow the other users, comment on their posts, reblog their content ‐ this all assist you to become a Tumblr celebrity whose posts are read by numerous users.   Reblog When you locate a quality post from somebody else, don’t be indecisive to reblog it. This way you are feeding your audience with fresh topic, while at the same time the primary creator will be grateful and could reblog some your exclusive posts in response.   Quality over quantity You could think of filler posts (i.e. entertaining content that attracts to all) and have some of these in store, so you can post them when you have nothing better but don’t post pointless topics just to stuff your daily share.   Blog covering a specific niche Tumblr is particularly effective, if you call for niche traffic, so if you have various niches, you’d better make branch out profiles for each of them than blend them all into a solo profile.   Advertise yourself calculatedly Tumblr permits to put ads into your posts, so you can promote yourself or your products but do it within a limit like once a week; otherwise, you will annoy your followers and you will face the negative impact. Defy the excitement to post ad, if the ad or the product you are marketing itself is not decent. You require to do this only once and many of your followers will leave you immediately.
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