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You require to do your research and optimize your site so that it ranks well for the search phrases you target. SEO is the most effective method to get traffic at no cost and you require to spend a lot of time and hard works in the optimization of your site.   Regular upgrades As far as search engine optimization is concerned content is the key issue. If your content is of high quality and repeatedly updated you will not only create a brand loyalty of frequent visitors, who will often come to see what is fresh, but search engines will rank your site higher as well.   Social bookmarking sites Social bookmarking sites (particularly the most widespread among them like Digg, Delicious and so on) are other dominant processes to develop traffic for free of cost.   Twitter and Face book accounts If you are popular on social networking sites, such as Twitter or Face book, the audience you get from there can exceed the traffic from Google. It is a fact that creating a bigger network of targeted visitors on Twitter and supporters on Face book takes a lot of time and hard works but the outcome is valuable.   Links with other sites in your niche Finding links with other sites in your niche is effective for SEO as well, particularly if you get links without the celebrated nofollow feature. But if the links are nofollow, they still assist to get traffic to your site. If you manage to put your link in a noticeable place on a site with high volumes of traffic, you can get thousands of hits from this single link.     Promote your site for free Free of charge promotion is always great, so don’t ignore it. There are many methods to market your site for free and some of the most accepted ones include free classified ads, submissions to directories, inclusion in various listings and so on.   Create a free product Content steers most traffic when you offer something helpful. There are many kinds of effective content you can make and they mainly bank on the niche of your site. When the offered free product or service gets widespread and users start visiting your site, possibilities are that they will go to see the other parts of the site as well.   Use viral content Viral content is called so as it circulates like a virus. When users like your content, they send it to their friends, place it on various sites, and promote it for free into various ways. Viral content spreads out on its own and your only job is to make it and put forward it to a few well known sites. Viral content can be a catchy video, presentation, write up or an attractive image.   Use offline promotion Offline promotion is also very effective and if you know how to use it, this can get you many visitors as well. Some of the conventional offline methods to promote your site include printing its URL on your company’s business cards and mementos. You can start selling T-shirts and other commodities with your logo and this way create your brand more wide spread.   Include your URL in your signature There are forums, which get huge visitors and if you are a well-liked user on such a forum, you can utilize this to bring traffic to your site. When you post on forums and people like your posts, they have a tendency to click the link to your site on your signature to learn more about you.    
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