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Page Rank (PR)

The Page Rank service from Google is the most widespread method to work out the status of a site but it alone isn’t enough to give us the accurate idea of a site`s quality. The principle of Page Rank is that sites are divided into eleven groupings with ranks from 0 to 10. The design is that the higher the PR, the better the site`s quality.  


Contrasting Page Rank, Alexa doesn’t divide sites in groupings. Rather, it places them in a catalog. The most popular sites, such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter are at the top. The idea is that the lesser the Alexa ranking, the more accepted the site is. Alexa allows to see which region the bulk of a site’s viewers come from.  

Compete isn’t as widespread as the first two services because they collect their information from a sample of two million American users only but still it assists to get an impression if a site is accepted in the US or not.  


Quantcast is a service aimed largely at the US market. It also collects information from a sample rather than the common internet community but in its case the sample is involved of Web site masters, who enter a code shortened on their sites, thus allowing to track visitors. Quantcast too collect their data from internet service providers and ad companies.  

CustomRank provides a service that merges several metrics at once to offer a collective ranking. At present, the services it combines are MozTrust, MozRank, PageAuthority, DomainAuthority and Alexa. The excellent feature about CustomRank is that it makes an effort to balance one service with the other to produce an impartial rating.  

MozTrust and MozRank

MozTrust, MozRank, together with DomainAuthority and PageAuthority are all procedures developed by SEOmoz. For that reason, it can be assumed that these two metrics are very useful for SEO functions. MozTrust measures the global link trust score, while MozRank evaluates link status. The more respectable a site’s back links are, the higher the MozTrust score.  


ComScore is another company that uses a sample of 2 million users to give rankings and as a result, isn’t as dependable as PR or Alexa. Likewise to Compete and Quantcast, it is more useful when you plan your promotion budget than when you are searching for sites to get back links from.  

Google Trends

Google Trends is mainly about search capacity of search phrases but one of its less known uses is to compare how two sites perform over time. So, if you have some sites you want to get previous data for, so that you can forecast their possible future status, you can achieve it with Google Trends.  

Ranking is limited because only the top one million sites are incorporated but if the site you are concerned in is not on the list, this speaks a lot about its reputation. Ranking collects its data from an internet explorer browser toolbar, which means the data is distorted as Firefox and Apple users are excluded of this sample.  
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