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To enhance your work experience, you must know some basic techniques whether you are a general searcher or SEO worker/learner. A warm congratulation to those who are experts here but who don’t know about this is highly recommended to concentrate my directions to be an Advanced Search User. Advanced Search actually depends on some Modifiers & operators. I am depicting it plainly for your better understanding. First, look at the chart. Modifiers & operators are not different identity and I am just trying to clarify.   First “Query”-Exact Match Search Example: Make money online” Here the question is why “” is in the Query to search. Have a glance below-   This search term will assist you to obtain exact match SERP results. You can apply this term to get some exact information of anything Then “Query” “Query”—Query Exclusion Modifier Example: “make online money” -“affiliation” You can apply this term if you don’t want to see some Specific Related Result Query along with the key topic. You should place a subtract note before one which you don’t want to see of two queries. Concentrate on the image below.     In short, it is the way to exclude some related query result from your Search query result.   Query AND query — Query Combiner: Example: “Make online money” AND “affiliation”   You can make two queries at the same time by this term. By ‘AND’ operator you can make two search queries at a single Search engine Result Page (SERP). See the image below.     Query OR query — The Similar Query Search: Example: “Facebook” CEO OR Founder OR Owner OR Partner   In this term, using OR operator you can make more than one query together. Suppose, you wish to know about the owner, CEO and founder of Face book, here the search term may be like this. Till now I have talked about basic concept and I will enter into deep of it which is much helpful for SEO.   Site: — The Site Specific Search: Example:  Site:   By this term, we can see how many GOOGLE indexes are there in a single webpage link. Have a glance below-     By this term, you can have good ideas about the link up of any site.   In url:Your query — The URL Specific Search: Example: in url:make money online Applying this term, you will get SEARCH RESULT of such websites in which URL, your desired search query will remain. Look at the image below- This term will assist you to find out sites for link building.   In title: Your query — The Title Specific Search Example:  in title: affiliation It is very clear to you that we will get such webpage result here in which the title denotes our desired search term or keyword. It will also help to find out sites for link building.   Related: query — The Related Results Search: Example: You can discover related website by this term. Here, you can find out Social Bookmarking, Directory, Forum, Social media, Blog etc.   Multiple Search Modifiers for Advanced Search:   Till now we have gathered much knowledge about different Advanced Search Term, Modifiers, and Operators. Now we will attempt to apprehend how to implement this into function. Suppose, I require some necessary site links to make guest posting. Then I can also function together with these modifiers and operators. Keyword/your Competitor Name + “guest blog” Keyword/your Competitor Name + “guest blogger” Keyword/your Competitor Name + “guest Column” + in anchor: contact Keyword/your Competitor Name + “guest article” + in anchor: contact Some more necessary search terms are given below- Carefully notice it and try to comprehend…
  • In post author:”First name Last” –
  • Keyword +
  • Keyword +
  • Product Name + in title: comparison
  • “Your Niche” + FORUM
  • “text goes here”
  • this OR that
  • in title:”text goes here”
  • Keyword + “sign up”/join/register/”create an account”
  The individually shown term before is a way to Design/ formation according to your work. Hope it will benefit you greatly. Don’t forget to share if it is helpful to you. Know yourself and make known to others. There may be lacking in my writing despite you will understand everything clearly from your close study. Now I am sharing the resource of the topic. You may download for your further requirement. What I suggest to my Students and all, SEO is an on-going process and without your self-devotion, you can never learn anything about it. No institution can make an SEO expert but it can guide someone properly. I can offer a practical example here. Suppose, you cannot draw a picture but you desire to learn it. In this standpoint, no teacher or institution cannot install drawing program/ software in your brain. It is only you who has to practice it and gather knowledge for conveying perfection in you. SEO is the same as ART. So you have to demonstrate your individual creative genius in drawing a flag, a flower or a boat. A bit signal is enough for the wise.
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