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Search Engine Technology (SEO) strategy is  a huge topic and we can never reach a termination writing about it. It is such a chapter in which no human beings cannot observe its ending point in a life and none can achieve 100 % success in this sector. Rather outstanding excellence can be attained by someone who has completed two tasks and has functioned with a huge key word. However I am sharing some significant tactics which will be very helpful for you. It is given chronologically for your better understanding. SEO Strategy:
  • Google SEO Guide: – Google SEO guide is mainly for those who has a little knowledge about ethical and non-ethical SEO. None can claim themselves as Perfect Ethical Optimizer without knowing this. So this primary guide will make you an Ethical Optimizer.
  • SEO for E-Commerce: -For online product sale, Organic Visitor has a great value. But there is such huge competition in which one may face much difficulty to shine here.
  • E-Commerce Marketting Guideline :- In the perspective of Bangladesh , E-Commerce is a million dollar industry. It will turn into billion very soon. To engage yourself magnificently in this market, you will require a complete market planning with other important market resources.
  • 5 SEO Strategy: – There are some techniques which don’t work for spam. Likewise 5 strategies are given here.s
  • App store Optimization Guideline –It is market of multimillion dollar. Now App Developers and App users are widespread in the whole world. But if you cannot contribute here highly, it is your failure.
  • Key- Word Research:
  • Basic Key-word Research–It is actually written for the newcomers. Some elementary ideas are given here
  • 6 Antap K-word source  – Net patel  has shared much fruitful information for the newcomers. Targeting in Google is very significant here. It is presented very clearly here.
  • K- word Resource Guide-Brandin has an outstanding writing in which he discussed Key-word research consecutively.
  • How to make Key-word Research-Mr. Rahim has done many researches. Many people know him as a researcher in web industry. He can do it much better than others. It is matter of realization the writing is awesome.
On-page SEO: 
  •  7 On Page Strategy –Mr. Milton is good qualified strategist. His writing is always in my favorite list. This will support to strengthen your on page optimization.
  • Key-word Targeting on page optimization –It is really tough to understand word writing. In Strategically format, the innovators face much difficulty to understand. But in this writing, everything is presented nicely how to target on-page optimization effortlessly.
  • Multilanguage Optimization –We know that targeting is different in different countries. Majority don’t know how to make a perfect on-page in Multilanguage context. As a result, a site admits failure in many cases. Christian’s writing is actually much fruitful here.
  • 9 on page SEO Element– On page factors have been written nicely by Jason. It will work much for you I think.
  • On page Optimization Check list –This on-page optimization check list will assist you to discover if there is any missing.
  • Link Building
  • Anaconda Link building –There are many link building procedures which are discussed in detail.
  • Best Link building Strategy guideline:  This writing includes all my link building strategies of 2015. It is my innovation.
  • Outrace Link Building –It is written about content based link building. Much important information is here. Justin has written many thing about Link Earn
  • Local Link building guideline –Aerif  has a fantastic content for link builders. It will help you much in the realm of SEO.
  • Link Earning Method –Link Earning is more effective method than Link building method in SEO. Link earning is really easier. It actually depends much on quality content. I wrote this.
  • How to analyze link –Actually to make link is easier than to understand it. Obviously you will get the penalty if you cannot identify which is good link and which is toxic link.
Technical SEO:
  • Technical SEO for Non-Technical – Basic Factors of Technical SEO are nice presented in Erin’s Search Engine watch.
  • Technical SEO Guideline –Pedita has given Technical SEO guideline chronologically here. You can find here details about crawling indexing and ranking.
  • Technical SEO Checklist– It is such a system which you may forget after much study. This perfect checklist can provide you a perfect guideline.
  • Local SEO: 
  • 40 important answers– Mike has an outstanding writing about Local Search Engine optimization.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization Guideline – Ilice Ahmed has discussed in details local search engine ranking factors. The content will help greatly to obtain search engine ranking.
  • Perfect Local landing page Optimization –It is Mike’s another outstanding info- graphy. It is an important factor how the elements are used in local landing page. Mike has reflected it very nicely
  •  Local SEO for small businessmen –Michel has a good writing for those who has a small business. He nicely presented step by step here
  • Local SEO Checklist  -All the necessary checklists for local optimization are available here. In short. Following this checklists you will never miss anything.
  • Mobile SEO:
  • Content marketing Strategy for Mobile– Devid of Content marketing institute has shared an outstanding writing here. You will get a perfect guideline from here about how to apply content strategy in mobile marketing.
  • How to do Mobile SEO –Ertrance in web marketing group has shared important contents with all effective instruments of mobile search.
  • 7 U X of Deterioration –User experience is a vital factor mobile search. Sharon has made us aware about it. It is very effective for your mobile search ranking.
  • Mobile SEO audit: -This audit is very important to save us from ranking fall. To take right decision is very tough here without experienced marketers. I have left no stone unturned to solve this problem in this writing
  • Technical Guide for Mobile SEO –Technical issues are really very important for search engine ranking.  Even if you copy anyone minutely, you cannot reach your ultimate destination. This is the biggest lacking of SEO. This writing will solve every riddle of SEO.
  • Content Marketting
  • Fundamental Content Marketing – It is an authentic writing about basic content marketing. If the primary moneyed set App is not correct, it is a big challenge to reach the next step. This content is written to solve this problem.
  • Content marketing Strategy –Without perfect planning for content marketing, you will just lose your money and time. You have to take steps with your strategy. You should have far-reaching capacity. There may be risk in every step. But you will always attempt to lessen the risk.
  • Turning false into true –How you turn 8 false info into true is actually a great myth. Learning technique is the main weapon to succeed here but not falsehood. Otherwise you never see the light of profit here even if you invest a huge amount of dollars.
  • Content Discovery Platform –Content Discovery platform will help to reach much content in the process. It has been written about the source of benefit. If you want, you can also earn from this platform. It is my innovation.
  • How to write deep content –If you want to know effective content marketing, you must know the deep content writing. A user may be converted for some confusions even he has clear understanding. Experience is a vital issue for writing this sort of content. This writing will explain you plainly.
  • 25 medium of content writing –It is about some tricky issues about content writing which is shared by men.
Conversion Rate Optimization: 
  • CRO Guideline for the new : – It is not enough but this guideline will help to make mind set
  • Web speed Optimization –Slow landing page may convert your speed into minus rate and that is why site speed is very important. This writing will solve that problem.
  • Landing page guideline –Copy blogger Mr.Mintu has written about landing page in his info-graphy which will help you convert. Landing page consultancy is very important here and landing page is much dependent on conversion.
Penalty Removal:
  • Google penalty removal ultimate guide –If you face penalty, you cannot get ranking until you recover. The tune of Mr. Milton is much actionable and informative. You will find step by step guideline here.
  • Recovery from any kind of penalty-The content of Mr. Milton is much effective for recovery from any kind of penalty of Google.
Algorithm Update:
  • History of Google algorithm change –This section of Moze is only for Google algorithm update. What kind of update is added is clearly shown here.
  • Penguin, Panda, Humming bird –Search Engine Journal publishes all algorithm update here. As they publish it in details, anyone can easily realize it.
  • Google web master channel–Google publish there all official update with right explanation in this U-Tube channel.
  • Tools:
  • 47 Best SEO tools-Free and premium is actually an effective list of tools. Service charge and identification of free and premium are presented very nicely here.
  • Best tools of content writing– There is no alternative to tools for content writing. Content writing tools save much time in comparison to natural writing. These tools work as weapons for intelligent marketers.
  • Microsoft Excel for SEO –Those who work with SEO use Excel largely in comparison to others. My own desktop has always been filled up with excel sheet. Most of the optimizers use excel. To know the actual technique is more important than merely to use it. This writing will save your time and will function as land mark for accurate guidelines.
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