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In the realm of Internet, SEO is a well-known term. It is the best approach to online introduction for many renowned Search Engines. Google as well as many Search Engines is working relentlessly to provide the best and relevant search results to the users. Algorithm is always being updated and the users are getting different search results. Google is offering newer excellence in their search results everyday. Structured Search is such a brilliance for which we are very easily getting our expected information. As Google is not our sole property, we can never predict about its future activities. Despite, I am trying to provide some major activities of SEO of 2016 depending on different information and data.   SEO of 2016 ?
  1. Social Media:
  Social media is getting much popularity day by day. Facebook and other social media are becoming men’s ever companions. Men are sharing their best feelings here and that is why SEO has a great potentiality here. Google always highlights those contents which men like most. So, the social links which will achieve more like and share will be emphasized more. For this, Social activities of your site will play an effective role in the SEO of 2016.    
  1. Mobile Friendly Website:
Many days ago, It was emphasized that the websites in Google should be much more mobile responsive. As mobile users are increasing rapidly, it is necessary to give clear ideas to the users about different contents of making websites mobile responsive. Google has introduced it as Mobilegeddon which emphasizes your client websites to optimize mobile and smart devices. It is hoped 2016 will be a milestone for it.  
  1. Video content:
Video contents have a long-term effect on human mind. That is why, we can still remember the characters of Arabian myth though we watched it at our childhood. A 5 minutes video watching is equal to go through a content with 1 hour. So, Internet is now going to be video-oriented day by day. It must influence SEO prominently. In the meantime, Google has organized video in its search  
  1. Schema will be a more powerful medium:
  Schema may appear to us as newer topic but Google has worked with it a long time ago. Its main site is – When we search a product in Google, we can see the name, price of that product and the rating at the same time. Suppose if you search in Google writing “Tiramisu recipe” you will watch a picture like content withrating, review, time and other information. SCHEMA.ORG EXAMPLE Schema will basically help you to present your products to Google with much more organized ways. Such Structured content are getting popularity very rapidly and so you have to be much careful of this.    
  1. Deep link and technical SEO
Paid link building is now losing their appeal. Total SEO is now becoming natural. There was a time when link building easily presented us different sites. But now it is becoming more natural and we have to think deeply to share links. Here web 2.0 sites will support greatly. To show your sites in the first page, it is imperative to place proper backlink and regular work for your sites. Here Duplicate content and proper redirection of URL is very significant and Technical SEO of a website should be much more improved. Proper SEO optimization in HTML structure is mandatory here.   It was actually a brief idea. Clearly saying, Google is becoming more careful on quality content and proper website structure. It is very clear to say if you have much effort and work regularly for your website, your site will be presented at the top in Google search. So, Professional bloggers will have at the center and they will lead to future link building. Natural link building ha a crying demand now a days and professional bloggers can easily make natural link building app. However, I think you have understood it clearly.  
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