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  • Keyword Research
Keywords are the root of any SEO drive and even if you are a specialist in your position, you should always study keywords just because the viewers habitually search for unexpected key phrases you as a professional will never plan like that. In order to find what viewers are looking for, you require a keyword research device. It is true that there are a lot of exclusive keyword research tools but Google Ad Words Keyword Tool is way better than all of them. It is easy and effective to utilize Ad Words to study keywords. You can either insert the URL of your site or put in some seed keywords, the tool will then mechanically generate a group of recommended keywords. Look at the outcomes and shortlist all the keywords that seem appropriate and have a worldwide search number. You may want to grade better for all the generated keywords, but its best to focus all your efforts on a preferred few. The initiative right away is to find keywords that are comparatively trouble-free to optimize and yet have a respectable search volume. These would be the keywords with the least rivalry in Google. The search phrases with the higher ratios are the trouble-free ones to optimize.  
  • Keywords with good conversion ratio
After you have chosen your keywords, you require to confirm if these keywords are practically workable for you by converting accurately. No matter how precise you’ve been when picking your keywords, if you don’t test them in reality, you can never know how efficient they work well. You can pick attractive search words with soaring global search amount and less competition and still end nowhere.  
  • Better CTR
In addition to search word research, Ad Words is a valuable tool for getting a better CTR (Click Through Rate) with your existing positioning. You might rank well for a prearranged keyword, and still be unable to monetize this traffic because your CTR is depleted. The reasons for this might be various but incompetent headers or portrayal could be a possible cause. Ad Words can also assist you get better CTR with your on hand rankings. For instance, if you run ad Ad Words campaign and you are satisfied with the functioning, you might want to keep changing your ad heading and narrative until you feel you have reached the utmost CTR for your keywords. Sure, it might take you a couple of attempts till you locate the successful arrangement of a title and a sketch and you might even lower your CTR in the procedure but once you find this wonderful combination of a title and description, just copy them for your page in order to maximize your natural search CTR as well.
  • Geographic Targeting
Geo targeting is one of the high-quality functions of Ad Words for SEO. If you offer on traffic from a lot of geographic positions, you can use Google Analytics to evaluate how different locations switch. It is quite natural to have significant discrepancies in the conversions for the same keyword among the territories. When you visit the Google Analytics and notice which countries are switching better, you can spend more energy in them. For example, you can create regional pages for these countries.  
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