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Locate the SEO competitors

You can’t evaluate your contenders, if you don’t know who they are. Identifying your competition is difficult in most cases. Your competitors could be sites in your niche, sites that rank well for your key search phrases, or straight competitors for your long tail keywords and so on. The list of your competitors could be extended and of course, you can’t check all of them. Perform a search with Google about your target keywords and make a list of the sites that rank high in the search results. You can consider these to be your major challengers.   Visit your competitors’ sites You should be watching if their sites are planned resourcefully, if they have much content, what the standard of their content is, whether they use static or dynamic URLs and so on. This basic site scrutiny can give you a lot of valuable data about how qualified your competition’s web authority is.   Analyze the keywords Keywords have always been the most vital issue for SEO success. For this reason, you can presume that if your competitors are using keywords accurately, their site will rank well in search engines. You might have some trouble identifying the keywords your competition uses because what you think to be top keywords for your niche might not be on their list at all. You can use the Website Keyword Suggestion tool to monitor which keywords are supposed to do suitably for their site. While doing the check, you might find a lot of effective keywords you have skipped and initiate optimizing your site for them. You should monitor the keyword density of your competitors’ keywords too by Keyword Desnity Cloud tool. Please don’t forget to check the location of the keywords as well.   Check the Back links Back links are the other key factor of higher SEO rankings. Therefore, you require to methodically studying the back links of the rivalry. Look for their number and origin, or anchor text and you will get a clue how your contest is doing there. Frequently, you could get some back link designs for you ‐ like, if you see that your competitors have back links from wide spread sites you didn’t know about, make contact with the webmaster of the popular site to see if you can get back links from them as well. Some effective and free of charge tools that you can utilize are: Backlink Anchor Text Analysis and Backlink Summary.   Other SEO factors Keywords and back links are significant but they aren’t all. To get a complete idea of how your competition is ranking, you require to monitor your competitors’ Page Ranks in Google and how they perform in Yahoo and Bing. You should look at the number of indexed pages the sites of your competitors have with search engines as well.   Social media Social media have a tendency to drive lots of traffic to a site. For this reason, you can’t leave out a check how your competitors are doing on social media. Social bookmarking sites are one of the types of social media and you can initiate your study from them. Have a look at some of the major social bookmarking sites to see if your competitors have posts there and how well-liked these posts are. Twitter and Facebook are two other large sources of traffic. You can browse to check if your key contestants have profiles at these sites but except you make friends with them, you will never know what precisely they post.   Analyze the PPC ads Many businesses have figured out that using PPC to bring high traffic is cheaper and more competent than optimizing to rank well in organic search outputs. Google Adwords is the favored option for Pay per click (PPC) but there are additional networks too that many webmasters will exercise. Analyze Competition tool by Google is one of the most effective tools in this case.  
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