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  • Promise to guarantee #1 position?
As the Google SEO selection tips say, no one can guarantee the top most position in Google. If they claim to do, you have a serious reason to disbelieve their competencies.
  • Ask in forums
There are many reputable forums, so if you can’t find somebody who can suggest you a SEO company immediately, consider asking in these forums. But, forums are not such a reliable source of information as in-person communication.
  • Google the company name
If the company is a recognized deceiver, you will find a lot of data about it on the Web. Lack of negative publicity does not mean that the company is immense, nor do some subjective negative opinions mean that the business is a rogue.
  • Get recommendations
Word of mouth is the most important issue for the dependability of a company.
  • Ask for portfolio
Satisfied clients are the best source of marketing, so feel free to ask your possible SEO company about sites they have optimized. If you get a refusal because of discretion reasons, this is a key credibility issue of the SEO company. Previous clientele are not a secret proposition.
  • Check their public relations
It`s quite obvious that if they can’t manage to optimize their own site competently enough to get a good PR (in excess of 4-5), they are not worth to appoint.  
  • Ask about the relevant keywords
Likewise to the page rank issue, if they don’t rank well for the keywords of their preference, they are not professional enough to perform the job.
  • Do they exercise programming compliances?
If they do, excuse yourself from them. Automatic submissions can get you disqualified from search engines.
  • Do they use any black hat SEO activities?
You require to know in advance what black hat SEO is in order to decide them, so getting accustomed with the most important black hat SEO tricks is worth before start questioning them.
  • Where do they collect back links from?
  • Back link is a key issue for SEO completion but if they come from link farms, this can cause a lot of trouble. So, ensure that the SEO company collects links from dependable sites only.
  • Get some personal feelings
Gut intuition from meetings are also a way to form an opinion about a company, though sometimes it is not difficult to get mislead, so use this method cautiously.
  • High cost does not ensure high quality.
If you want to pay more, this does not mean that you will get more service. Just because a firm charges more does not make them more efficient SEO’s. There are many reasons for high value and superior quality is only one of them.
  • Cheap is more costly
Specialized SEO companies offer sensible prices. If you think you can pay less for a professional SEO deal, then you require to think rationally.
  • Use tricky queries
Using tricky queries is a double-edged sword, particularly if you are not a specialist. But there are a number of easy questions that can assist you.
  • Do they offer subscription services?
SEO is a continuous procedure and if you want to rank well and keep on like that, hard work is necessary all the time. For this reason, it is better to select a company that includes post-optimization continuation, than get a company that drives your site to the top and then leaves you on your own.
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