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  • Aiming the incorrect keywords
People select keywords that in their mind are evocative of their site but the average users might not search them. Choosing the right keywords can make or break your SEO drive. You can’t consider on your own of all the effective keywords but a useful keyword idea tool, for example, the Website Keyword Suggestion will assist you find keywords that are efficient for your site.
  • Disregard the title tags
Leaving the <title> tag empty is very widespread. This is one of the key places to have a search phrase, because not only does it aid you in optimization but the text in your <title> tag shows in the search results as your page title.
  • Flash site without an html
Flash is not that appealing to search engines and viewers. If you genuinely persist that your site is based on Flash and you want search engines to appreciate it, also offer an html version. Search engines don’t prefer Flash sites for a reason – a spider can’t interpret Flash matters and therefore can’t rank it.
  • JavaScript Menus
Search engines do not convert JavaScript and build your web pages fittingly. So if you have JavaScript menus you are depending, you should create a sitemap so that all your links will be crawlable.
  • Inconsistency
If you want your site to be profitable, you require to permanently optimize your site, keep an eye on the rivalry and modifications in the ranking algorithms of search engines.
  • Too much on meta tags
Many people think that SEO is all about getting your meta keywords and narrative correct! You can create your meta keywords and portrayals but don’t except to position better only due of this.
  • Using only Images for Headings
A common perception is that an image is more attractive than text for titles and menus. It is obvious that an image can build your site appear more unique but as far as SEO is concern, images for titles and menus are a huge blunder because h2, h2, etc. tags and menu links are key SEO items. If you are afraid that your h1or h2 tags look awful, make an effort transforming them in a stylesheet.
  • Ignoring URLs
Many experts fail to appreciate how effective a catchy URL is. Dynamic page names are still very frequent and no keywords in the URL are more an application rule than an exemption. It is possible to rank high even without keywords in the URL but all being equivalent, if you have keywords in the URL, this provides you added advantage over your contestants. Keywords in URLs are more significant for MSN and Yahoo! but with Google too, their comparative influence is prominent.
  • Back link spamming
It is a common misconception that it more back links are constantly better and because of this web masters resort to link farms, forum, spam and so on, which ultimately could lead to getting their site expelled. In effect, what you require are superior back links.
  • Insufficient keywords
Once you concentrate on your search phrases, adjust your subject matter and place the keywords wherever it is logical. Make them bold or highlight if necessary.  
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