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The first approach is to get referred and recommended. You can ask friends and connections to do it but your best referrals are your previous customers. Sometimes satisfied clients will refer you anyway but you could also request them openly to do it like written recommendations.   Check SEO job SEO job such as Craigslist, are massive opportunities to locate new customers. You can put an ad offering your services, or you can check ads of people who are looking for SEO services and take action. What is more to general job boards, you might want to check the ads at the most well-liked SEO forums, for instance WarriorForum.   High quality Site Your site is another device to locate fresh clients. You require to have a first-rate site because no matter which channel you use to find clients, they will always have a look at your site before employing you. If they see an untidy site, they won`t intend to do business with you. Your site requires to have high rankings as well. If your site is nowhere to be seen for your search phrases, there`ll be no potential client to appoint you.   Partnership with a web developer A strategy that can cause you huge clients is to develop a partnership with a web developer. They can forward you consumers directly and you can do the same with your clients, who require a latest design for their site. Moreover, if you know the designer and are confident of the premium quality of their work, you won’t have problems doing SEO for an inadequately coded site.   List your rates When clients are looking for SEO assistance and they see a concrete offer rather than the over the top tag lines they are genuinely eager to get in touch with you. So, don`t be reticent but put your tariffs onsite. Package discounts You can consider offering package discounts and subscriptions as well. For instance, you can offer condensed prices if a client orders SEO for more than one site. Subscriptions are also effective as they bring you a monthly fee and since SEO is a continuing action, it logical to offer subscriptions for 5 or 10 hours of work a month.   Free publicity Free publicity is not a direct shot at clients but it helps to build your position, which in turn helps a great deal to influence clients that you are the person they are looking for. The opportunities for  free of charge  promotion are abundant and you don`t have to test them all. One advanced method here is to connect a site such as Help a Reporter as it gives you exposure to high quality content.   Guest post Guest posts are not a direct shot at clients but they also assist to create your brand value and gain more publicity. Look for SEO/Web sites, or if you focus in a niche SEO, for sites in that niche, contact the webmaster, write a post and gradually you will gain a considerable web existence.   Get active on social media Social media cause you huge coverage, so explore them, particularly the SEO channels or niche channels on them. Whereas Face book and Twitter are handy, the most effective place is LinkedIn because it is a business-oriented network. Take part in forums and channels there, answer questions, ask for suggestions and in due course you will see clients keep coming.   Make follow-ups Earlier clients can fetch you fresh clients. Maybe this was a one-time client who was satisfied but has forgotten about you, so if you strike a chord with him or her about your past services, you might get a fresh client. Just ensure that you are not spamming. So, don`t send multiple emails to one past client alone.
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