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As far as digital marketing is concerned, SEO and PR go together like bread and butter. With the continually evolving digital scenario, marketing and interaction channels are operating together more closely than before. Granted, you’ll see disparity in how smoothly this is carried out based on your business arrangement, but the fact is: Channels can’t survive in silos. An effortless teamwork exists between PR and SEO, now that quality content and outstrip are an integral part of SEO achievement — and those two things are something public relations know very well. So how can these two different teams help each other reach the identical business objectives?

Ø  Education

It’s simple to get wrapped up in your expertise bubble, so when you start functioning with people from other groups with other areas of expertise, it’s easier to forget that they are not skilled as what you know. Public relations professionals aren’t qualified about the influence that online earned media can have on SEO and keyword positions, so before you start  with your requests, teach them on the hows and the whys. Do this in short term gathering over a few weeks, rather than one longer meeting, and most significantly, teach them on what they’ll be able to get out of the affiliation. This shouldn’t just be one-sided, though. As public relations isn’t trained SEO, SEO isn’t taught public relations, that`s why get access to your corresponding team to better recognize their roles.

Ø  Optimizing links in deserved exposure

Next important step is-links. Your SEO squad should be assisting your public relations team to optimize the connections in all of their deserved media exposure. SEO can aid to choose relations that have keywords that need a ranking enhancement. SEO should also confer with public relations to confirm any connection from funded sponsorships to pass up any search engine consequence.

Ø  Media outreach

Pressure group outreach is an important part in any marketing policy and depending on the volume of your company, there’s likely more than one team managing supposed outreach. This is a bit precarious as you don’t want several people from the same company reaching out to an influencer. It causes confusion with the blogger/writer/media manager/subject matter expert if they’re getting different requirements from different people in the same company. To get rid of some of that intersect, set instructions for the different types of outreach that different groups will possess. Share these lists and send possible contacts to other teams before you make contact to make sure a relationship doesn’t already live. This can also help avoid any tired out time on pitching a source that isn’t accessible if the other group has already tested. GroupHigh is outstanding instruments that can assist you control this outreach.  

Ø  Lining up

With several groups managing outreach, you’re bound to have quite a lot of messages coming out around the same time. Have your SEO and PR teams line up on the broader messaging and timing to ensure your brand is putting out the same theme of content and not blending messages. This doesn’t require being down to the precise topic; it’s more of a high-level guiding rule. Keep a content calendar that aligns with business main concern.

Ø  Increasing content

Creating content is difficult work, and both content marketing and public relations do this efficiently for two particularly different viewers. Create your content matter harder by sharing what’s already been created that other teams can pull from. These combined efforts also allow both teams to influence more KPIs (key performance indicator) so they can better report how their activities are impacting various sections of the company. PR is likely eager to add physical KPIs to their canvass, and SEO has just extended its group and impact without having to struggle for further properties. It all comes down to interaction when working with other teams that have unlike KPIs from yours. Meet periodically with your fellow correspondents to confirm each panel is up to date on what the other is functioning on to reduce repetition of work.  
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