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Previous Campaigns Outputs from the earlier campaigns speak volumes about the expertise of the company you want to choose. Ask what past campaigns they had, what the return on investment was, how these campaigns were operated and so on. It is a fact that you can’t be given access to confidential business structure, so some of the questions you want to ask could not be logical, but if a SEM company can’t prove outcome, then go for the next one.   Background check Their earlier results could look impressive but only this isn’t enough. It is possible that the campaigns you were told about aren’t expressive about their resume, so it’s pretty misleading. You can ask them for testimonials and search with Google to find out what their clients are saying. While this isn’t a full proof evidence either, but if there are many negative responses about a particular SEM company, this means they are not of high quality.   Check their services The point to consider is the collection of services they propose. It is a load for you to divide the work but if the company you want to appoint is highly skilled at what it offers, it is logical to employ them for fraction of the task only and look for the other services somewhere else.   How the results are reported With SEM, it is very important to have the results as soon as possible. Real-time reporting is best because it allows to modify your budget depending on the results but it could be very tedious. For this reason, it matters a lot how regularly your SEM company recounts you the results.       Small-scale SEM companies Look for small-scale companies ‐ minor companies focused on quality that do mainly Search engine marketing. You might think that bigger is better but this certainly isn’t the case, particularly when you yourself is a minor client. Large companies won’t have the time and motivation to serve you well, while small-scale companies tend to provide superior services.   No Jack of all trades Many companies offer SEM services but not all of them this is a main business. Web design companies offer SEM as a secondary service. Therefore, quality and expertise are big troubles when SEM/SEO isn’t the foremost business of the company.   Contract in advance Regardless of how skilled a SEM company looks according to the other measures, one thing you must not put out of your mind is the contract. Though in many cases, you won’t have to sign any contract, there are also cases when you are offered with a ten page legal nonsense that even an experienced lawyer won’t understand entirely. If you watch any unreasonable clauses in the contract, just rush to the next company.   SEM company site ranking You would want to see how the SEM company you are about to pick is performing for their own site. Obviously, the number of back links and their quality are more vital for a SEO company than for a SEM one, so if their organic ranking isn’t excellent, this doesn’t essentially mean they are inferior at SEM.   Pricing Price shouldn’t be your most significant decisive factor when making any decision but still it is a key issue. When it is too low, you must have concerns about high features ‐ superior quality comes at a price. In contrast, if the cost is too high, this isn’t an assurance for quality either as it can be deceiving.  
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