Search engine algorithm changes : How to tackle?

Search engine algorithm changes : How to tackle? Google SEO

Any kind of update to the algorithms of search engines, is a key source of pressure for any Web master as these updates alter your rankings significantly. Not all traffic variations are the outcome of a search engine algorithms update. These modifications are unavoidable and there are some procedures you can follow in order to tackle the issue.
  • Target Keywords
When you want to amplify the traffic from search engines, your first strategy could be that if you manage to rank for more search phrases, you will get more viewers. You think that when you expand into new keywords, this will boost traffic but actually it’s just the reverse. These innovative keywords will weaken the application of your present keywords and as a result you might lose some of the traffic you already have.
  • Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords are commonly ignored because they don’t bring as much audience as their more attractive counterparts. Nevertheless, long tail keywords are more resistant against alterations in algorithms. The traffic of long tail keywords tends to vary less because there is less rivalry.
  • Minor Competing Keywords
Less Competing search phrase may be not long tail but they also go through a smaller amount from search engine shuffles.
  • Regular Content
Massive intervals between fresh posts can harm your site in a big way even for keywords you always used to rank well for and although there are no search engine algorithm modification. It takes time for fresh posts to position well, new content does produce traffic. It’s better to dispatch one fresh article a week or a fortnight than to post no subject matter for long time and then discharge thirty new content materials straight away.
  • Excellent back links
Links from immaterial sites can damage you badly. Consequently, you need to get back links from high ranking, pertinent sites only. Furthermore, these sites tend not to lose their own rankings that often and for that reason, your own rankings will vary less. In rank to steer clear of links from inferior sites, you can use a range of tools to discover who is linking to you.
  • Pay-per-click
Free of charge search engine traffic is effective but it’s undependable. No matter how superior your site is and how masterfully you are trying to safeguard yourself against search engine algorithm alterations, you are never fully protected. If you want invariable traffic to your site, start using Pay-per-click (PPC) which is a brand of internet marketing where the advertisers pay a payment each time one of their ads is clicked.
  • Social media promotion
As Warren buffett said‐`don’t put all your eggs in one basket’, please don’t place all your audience from search engines. When you start varying your traffic sources, the first option is PPC (which`s money oriented but usually it produces focused traffic). The second choice is social media. Sites, like as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr are free of charge and they can transport you lots of traffic, if your posts become widespread.    
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