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One of the scams in Link exchanges is when you pay someone for a back link, it unexpectedly fades away or has the “no follow” feature. That is why you should check from time to time if the link is still there and if it doesn’t have the “no follow” characteristic.  
  • Ineffective anchor texts
Keywords in the anchor text are important, so if the back links don’t have them, it isn’t an effective one. Analyzing the anchor texts of links is time-consuming but the Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer device can perform the job for you.  
  • Image link
An image link is effective and it could provide you more viewers than a text link (if the image is striking and visitors click it) but for SEO objectives, keyword in the anchor text is the key issue.  
  • Not using ALT text
Image links might be the worse option than text links but if an image link is the lone opportunity to get a back link, don’t refuse it. But make certain sure that the ALT text of the image link has your keywords.  
  • Irrelevant sites
When searching for back links, you should focus on applicable sites only. If you have a match making site, getting links from a technology one is not useful. It is hard to locate relevant sites to get links from but unless your site is in a constricted niche, chances are that there are thousands of appropriate sites you can get a back link from. If you require a list of such sites for your function, go for the Backlink Builder for possible suggestions.  
  • Sites with abundance of links
A back link is more effective, if it comes from a page, which is not messy with profusion of other back links. Many directories put the “nofollow” feature on nonpaid links, so if there are hundred links on page and most of them are “nofollow”, this has some weight.
  • Spiders can’t crawl
Links Google can’t index can be placed on dynamic pages or simply on pages, which are not indexed by Google because robots.txt disallows it. That is why it doesn’t hurt to check from time if the pages your links are placed on are available to spiders. The Search Engine Spider Simulator device can assist you do this.  
  • Linking to inferior sites
Linking to low-grade sites, also identified as “bad neighbors” is a fatal error. When you link to such sites, for Google this means that you support them and this causes in negative consequence for you. Or this reason, you must always check the sites first before you link to them.  
  • Explicitly selling links
If you plan to sell links, you’d better use the specialized link selling services, such as because they are more tactful. But, remember that while some of the paid links networks try to conceal the fact that the links are paid, the rest are not that cautious.
  • Linking to good sites gone bad
Even if you check cautiously the sites you link to, sometimes it happens that a site, which used to be respectable, suddenly starts publishing unacceptable content. That is why it doesn’t hurt if you check not only that the outbound links you have are not cracked but also where they advance to.    
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