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Plan After glancing the title, you have got the idea that this is about SEO. This tune is for those who are newly interested to learn SEO. I have systematically classified this SEO course into 16 chapters. Moreover, you will find some special tips in two separate chapters at the end of 16 chapters which will help you to start SEO practically just after you have learnt it. Hope you will be with me until the last moment. Using my own experience, I will try to teach SEO in a very simple words. I will teach you SEO in such a way that will ensure you to earn money. To introduce SEO, I have lengthened this chapter. Please, don’t get afraid because the next chapters are relatively small. Ok, come to the point.   The market and demand of SEO SEO has a lot of demand in home and abroad as it is the main driving force of SEO. Presently, the most businesses in the world are technology-oriented. So, lots of E-commerce sites are being developed worldwide. The businessmen are taking help from SEO to expand their business. Furthermore, the demand of SEO is increasing in the freelance marketplaces such as E-lance, Up work(O-Desk). Presently, a skilled Search Engine Optimizer earn 100-1000 US dollar which is equivalent to BDT. 7800. This amount is more in some cases. Are you astonished? You need not to be astonished. Just believe me. If you don’t, go to internet and browse several freelance marketplaces to justify it.   Way of earning There are a number of ways to earn by SEO. You can earn a lot by doing SEO in your own website. When the visitors browse your site extensively, you can sell your products or services. You can also earn by showing ads in your site. Google Adsence is the most popular way of earning money by displaying ads. Google Adsence is like catching golden deer(very difficult). Once you get Google Adsence, you need not look back for earning money.  Moreover, there are a lot of SEO oriented jobs in various freelance marketplace such as Keyword Research, Back linking, On page optimization, Off page optimization,Article Writing etc. You can earn money by doing SEO in your own site or from freelance marketplaces. The requirements for SEO
  1. Computer or laptop
  2. Internet connection
  3. The minimum skill for operating computer and Internet
  4. One website or blog (Don’t worry..I will teach you how to open a free blog-site)
  5. ( This is not only for SEO but also a key for success in any job)
  6. Skill to open account in different sites. These are primary requirements.
   What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way which introduces a website to different search engines. It helps to get a website in first pages of the search engines while searching a related issue of that site. This is the easiest definition of SEO, I think. Hope you have got the idea about SEO.     Orientation with Search Engine: Search Engine is a familiar term to all of us. Despite, I am telling about it to those who actually have no idea about it. We can exemplify it as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Google is the most popular among these. If you want to search any information on any topic, just type it in Google search bar. After clicking on it, a list of websites regarding the topic will appear. The words here we typed to Google is called Keyword and the results appeared after searching is search result. We will talk about these keyword research later.      1.Backlink/Link Building 2.Drictory Sumiton 3 .Social Book Marking 4.Article Sumiton 5.Blog Commenting 6.Forum Posting Classification of SEO
  1. On page SEO:One page SEO is the process of searching the internal activities of your website or the address of your website. The main function of On page SEO is keyword Research and meta tag. We will discuss this later.
  2. Off page SEO:Off page SEO is just opposite to One page SEO. The external activities of your website is called Off page SEO. It is important to mention earlier that there is no limit of off page SEO. The more you do Off page SEO in your site, the more your site receives Page rank, Rank, Visitor,  Alexa Rank etc.
The main functions of off page SEO: 1.Backlink/Link Building 2.Drictory Sumiton 3 .Social Book Marking 4.Article Sumiton 5.Blog Commenting 6.Forum Posting Hopefully, you will get more useful posts later regarding On page SEO which will help to be a On page SEO expert.
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