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  If you are looking to promote on funded searches or you are just looking to create a keyword list for search engine optimization purposes, you possibly need to use some sort of tool to build your keyword list. There might be hundreds of methods users can look for manufactured goods, so it would be hard for you to come up with all of those on your own. There are expensive keyword research devices on the market that can cost quite a few hundred dollars per month. The truth is that there are very efficient keyword tools that don’t cost anything. Below are top five keyword research tools without charge.
  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
This is the most popular keyword tool among the regular users and it is at no cost except for what you finish up paying Google once you start marketing. This keyword research tool offers you estimated search volume on Google’s set-up for each keyword and provides many keyword propositions. This was originally intended to help put up pay per click advertising campaigns.
  1. Open Site Explorer
Open Site Explorer is a service that SEOmoz has invented. This tool is best for studying a contender’s search phrases. What you`ve to do is to insert your competitor’s Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and click on the anchor text allocation tab. This will provide you an idea of some of the keywords they have been aiming on the organic search.
  1. SEMRush
This is an effective free tool that will give you data on the top 10 keywords that your opponents are receiving traffic on for paid and natural search. SEMRush provides keyword, location, traffic proportion, expected CPC, and additional necessary data. You can upgrade to get access beyond the top ten key phrases.
  1. Term Extractor
The term extractor tool will let you enter a competitor’s URL and it will return one, two, and three word search phrases that the site is aiming. You do require to sign up for their free account to use this device.
  1. Alexa
The Alexa tool will let you see search queries of a competitor and the proportion of traffic it causes to the site. You insert the URL into the site info section. Once you are moved to the “Got Details” area, and then set off to the “Search Analytics” tab to see the leading search conditions.    
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