How to get traffic from Face book

facebook traffic SEO Tutorial
  •  Profile is the key
Like the other social networking sites, if you don’t create your profile appealing, you can`t become widespread. Give enough background data for you and don’t forget to put up your profile public because this way unfamiliar people can come to visit your profile and get interested in you and become your potential follower.  
  • Include information about your site
Face book gives you the chance to write a lot about your products, plus to include pictures, so use all these advantage to create eagerness into your products. It is better to post videos, so if you have something important to put there, try to do it.  
  • Create your network
Like other social networking sites, your network is your key investment. For this reason, you require to invite your friends and partners and invite them to link as your follower. You should also search for people with interests similar to yours.  
  • Post regularly
No matter how attractive the content in your Face book profile is, if you don’t post fresh subject matter frequently, the Face book traffic to your site will get decreased. Updating your status consistently is more than nothing, so go for it.  
  • Be active
A great profile, an impressive network, and posting regularly are just a part of the total process for high performance on Face book. You also require to be functioning – visit the profiles of your followers and take part into their programs. This is of course time consuming and you could soon find out that Face booking is a full-time profession.  
  • Organize your page
Contrasting the other social networking sites, Face book provides you more flexibility. If you place the RSS feed with the links to your blog in a noticeable space, this alone can produce lots of traffic for you.  
  • Face book apps
Face book apps are plentiful and fresh ones are made available all the time. Many of these apps are not precisely what you require; there are apps, which can work for you very effectively. For example, MarketPlace widget or Blog Friends widget are very helpful.  
  • Face book Social Ads
If you can’t get traffic the organic way, you might consider using Face book Social ads. These are Pay-per-click (PPC) ads and starting a promotion is similar to an Ad words drive.  
  • Start a group
There are a lot of groups on Face book but it is possible that there is a free of charge niche for you. Start a group about something connected to your business and ask people to connect it. The benefit of this method is that you are getting targeted clients who are interested into your product and ideas.  
  • Face book extensions
As, this move is surely not for all, if you can write Face book additions, this is one more way to make your Face book profile well-liked and get more audience to your site.  
  • Separate profiles
A lot of people are correctly concerned about their confidentiality on social network sites and for this reason, it is not unusual to have one private profile for friends and one business profile to endorse their business. You can have one single profile for both purposes, but if you have discretion concerns, think about splitting this profile into two.    
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