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Keywords Keywords are a vital factor for high rankings at Google Play Store. It requires to be pointed out that there are ASO professionals who argue the key role of search phrases and evaluate other features more, like as reviews and downloads. It’s hard to believe that properly placed keywords are insignificant, so if you are not positive about the ranking role of keywords, don’t ignore them. As with SEO, keywords matter particularly into the header and the narrative. Even if keywords aren’t that essential for ASO, they are indispensable for your human customers ‐ when you see a header with a keyword you are looking for, you are more likely to click this link, than a link with no keywords in it.   App reviews Apps with positive reviews and better rankings rank higher for the identical keyword. The reason that reviews and ratings are key factors that they show how your possible customers view your app. In view of that, It`s logical to get improved reviews and ratings.   App downloads and installs App downloads and installs plus repeated app use key ranking factors too. All these determine user attachment and contentment. The idea is straight here-the more the better. To make sure more app downloads and installs, you require to actively put forward your app offstore. Active marketing on social networks, such as G+, Face book, Twitter and so on, on forums for mobile apps too, can bring huge audience to your app and affect the number of downloads and installs in a productive way.   Go local If you are aiming a specific country as a market, it’s essential that you offer a local version of your app. For beginners, interpret your app in the languages of the aimed region. As a regulation, most apps have an English version and very few have non-English ones. Therefore, the rivalry for non-English apps is much lower and this gives you better chances to get noticed, particularly on a chaotic market.   Quality screenshots Quality screenshots could not be directly connected to better rankings, but once your app is revealed, you don’t want to keep the users away with inferior screenshots. Due to this, take the time and hard work to make professional screenshots. When users can visibly watch the screens of your app and these screens contain the performance they require, they are more likely to download and install the app.   Back links to your app As with traditional search, getting back links to your app page assists a lot. Obviously, you require quality links from reliable sources, not spam from link farms. It’s better to get a solo link from a top class site wherever your app is included, than dozens of back links from substandard sites. If your app is high quality, chances are it will be incorporated in articles all over the net and you will be getting back links organically. If this doesn’t happen, you could have to create back links manually one at a time.    
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