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This is the least branded ad networks but also is the finest too. They suggest original solutions, such as content ads, search targeting, web bar, and mobile ads. is particularly effective for larger sites with of American or Canadian users. One negative aspect of is that the payment is at $100 but for a massive site this should not be an issue.  


Chitika doesn’t suggest many kinds of ads but its key benefit is that the ads it proposes are very target oriented. The CTR is useful as the ads are presented only when a user comes from a search engine. Its $10 expense is cheap and because even if your site is minor, in all probability you will be getting payments monthly instead of having to hang around for them for longer time.  


Bidvertiser is another Pay per click (PPC) network, though they started offering an exchange bonus. Its expenditure is also at $10, which means for a small site it is a valued alternative.  


Infolinks suggests in-text marketing. In-text ads are low profile compared to the others and they don’t consume space because they are displayed as popups when the user drifts over the hyperlink in the text they are attached to. In-text ads from Infolinks work effectively well, though it differs depending on the niche. it`s cost of $50 is a bit higher for minor sites.  


A lot of webmasters believe adBrite to be the finest Google Adsense substitute. adBrite is essentially an ad marketplace, where buyers and sellers can connect to discuss the price. You require to have a very popular site with a very productive internet population to make it there because the rivalry is massive.  


If you do not insist on using Cost Per Click (CPC) ads as a Google Adsense substitute, then you should attempt affiliate sales. Clickbank is the ultimate destination of CPA offers and it should be your first stop. Clickbank suggests millions of products and selecting what to campaign for could be tough.  


Amazon is another Cost Per Click (CPA) ad network that works effectively for many publishers. It is particularly useful if you have a tech site as there are huge modern gadgets but since they have offers in almost any niche, it is also an alternative. Their ads are situation receptive and as a result, are always applicable.  


Kontera is another in-text network you can consider an alternative to Google Adsense. It is similar in functioning with Infolinks but this differs a great deal depending on the niche.  


Your success with eBay differs depending on the niche but you can make some financial benefits with it. As a secondary advertiser, if you have some free space remaining, eBay could be given an attempt.  


LinkShare has a vast variety of offers and they pay at $1. It is improved than the others on this list because if your site isn’t massive, you won’t have to wait for months till you get the paycheck. Linkshare has bids in just about any niche and there you will locate a lot of the top promoters from all around the world.
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