Email Marketing Campaign : Dos and Don’ts

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  • Feature your business name 
While a logo is excellent, add your business name somewhere on the email too for those who have never identified your logo earlier and want to explore more. Include a link to your website. Connecting all of the links to different pages, promotions, and click-to-call links, often the webmasters forget to add a link to their company website.  
  • Tell readers what to do at a glance
Email marketing is set for the readers who just scan threw. Ensure that readers know what they should do subsequently even with zero activity but a fast look at your message.  
  • Have social networking visible 
For definite reasons, social sharing buttons are mandatory. People might not tend to share your email marketing message for sure, but it gives them the choice to connect with you there as well.  
  • Test content and timing
A lot of companies invest all of their testing time on visual design. Though this is vital for email marketing campaigns and messages, you should also be checking your topic lines and different times of the day to watch where you get the maximum open-rate. In any case, design won’t matter if no one opens the email to spot it.  
  • Use your analytics
You want to feature your most accepted the subject matters in an email-marketing circular, so use your analytics to locate what people are attracted in reading. You may also want to include opt-in forms for these posts.  
  • Include an unsubscribe option
Not having this option easy to spot comes off as complicated and all you’re doing is irritating your readers and extending a bad name; consequently, wrecking your reviews.   Don’ts
  • Have sizeable images 
While images are a great way to capture a reader’s interest, people want their emails to open fast and they want to get the message quickly. Images could hold this  back on both accounts.  
  • Use a do-not-reply email 

Though these may be effective for huge companies managing many email addresses, it doesn’t promote engagement. Use an email address people will identify to improve your Clickthrough rate (CTR) and then make a system to get rid of the spam.

  • Include more than three links
Just as with your website, numerous links looks spammy and can get puzzling. Keep email marketing within the range of three links.  
  • Have an all-purpose subject line
You want to offer something particular in your subject line as this is all you have to grab a reader’s concentration. If you offer a wide-ranging subject line it’s easier to hit “delete” before opening the message.  
  • Overlook the mobile device
According to the latest figures, more emails are noticed on mobile than on a desktop. Ensure that your email marketing messages are working for this effective tool as well.  
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