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Baidu is a widespread search engine but its reach is not worldwide. Baidu is huge in China and since the residents of China is over a billion, if you rank in a good way with Baidu, this can make quite an impact. In reality, if you are working internationally and if your users are established largely in China, you can’t overlook this client base. On the Chinese market, the percentage of Baidu is around 60% and it is the most accepted Chinese language search engine. Google is not as much of prevalent in China as Baidu, so if your visitors appear from the Chinese region, it pays to develop your site for Baidu. The algorithm of Baidu is dissimilar from the algorithms of Google, Bing or Yahoo. It is less refined and it looks a lot like the algorithms of the older search engines. Correct Chinese keywords You require to hit upon the right Chinese search phrases to optimize for. This can be a real test as Chinese has many languages and the identical words have diverse meanings in different lingos. Pinyin Chinese is favored by Baidu and this is why Pinyin Chinese is your top option. You should be attached to it for your keywords and the subject matters. Content into Chinese Even if Chinese is not the endorsed language of your site, you require to have a lot of topic in Chinese. With Baidu, content is the key – the similar as with other search engines. When creating lots of content in Chinese, stay on the official policies for what content is suitable in China as there are precise regulations.   Metatags is significant Likewise to the early days of the other search engines, with Baidu metatags are vital, so don’t forget to make your metatags top-quality. Though, don’t mistreat metatags and don’t pack them with search phrases.   Pinyin Chinese domain name Domain names are significant with Baidu too. On top having keywords in your domain name, you require to have a domain name in Pinyin Chinese. You can utilize a .com, .net, or .cn extension with it. For improved outputs, host your site on a Chinese host as this provides you an additional benefit with Baidu.   Simple navigation arrangement Clear-cut navigation organization is essential for Baidu Baidu won’t go along links that go many levels low into the site chain of command.   No copy content Baidu is very firm about copy subject matter. If you have copy content, Baidu is less lenient than the other search engines. Use a robots.txt to tell what not to file and you are secured.   No bad neighbors Connecting to bad neighbors and acquiring links from link farms isn’t a respectable method with any search engine but consequences with Baidu are stricter, so you require to take this into account. Also, don’t put too many outbound links on your site because this also influences your Baidu rankings in a harmful way.   Plan in advance In Google you can get top rankings for a week but with Baidu triumph doesn’t appear that quick. In Baidu it can take six months to attain the high rankings you will reach in Google in weeks and you have to consider this.   No Flash and JavaScript Baidu doesn`t endorse Flash and Java script. This is why you should use Flash and JavaScript only if you give substitute HTML versions of the Flash or JavaScript content. Baidu doesn’t prefer iFrames either, so stay away from them too.   Spiderable As any other search engine, Baidu uses crawlers, so ensure your site is spiderable. Use a spider simulator to check what is reachable from your site and what isn’t.
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