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Keywords Although for Google Play Store many experts don’t judge keywords to be of top significance, with Apple App Store keywords, besides to the number of downloads, is the most vital ranking issue. The reason behind this is that the ranking algorithm used by Apple App Store isn’t as highly sophisticated as the one used by Google Play Store ‐ Apple App Store is more like the search engines from decades ago when no complex algorithms were used for rankings. Since you don’t have an infinite text field for keywords, you require to be very selective which keywords to add. Keywords are most vital in the header and the description, so pay particular concentration to these areas. Generally, your keywords come naturally, but sometimes you require to be more original. For example, if you are selling an app with lots of rivalry, you might have to think about minor search phrases too. You should start with the most important keywords, but if this leads you nowhere, think about less competitive keywords too. You can use tools such as this keyword tool to give you ideas. If you are selling on local markets, localized search phrases can make a huge difference for your recognition.   Visuals Visuals are commonly neglected by developers but they have a huge sales opportunity. As a regulation, the more cutthroat your niche is, the more vital visuals are. Visuals include materials such as logos, screenshots, trailers and so on. To be precise, they are not part of the ranking algorithm, but their role is significant ‐ they attract users’ interest and they are effective for branding. Your icon is the first visual users see. It’s particularly significant you use the same icon all over the places in your app and on your pages. This constancy helps you hugely to create brand credit. The same factor goes for the first two screenshots. Make them as instructive as possible. You don’t trap the users with indistinct screenshots just to make them multiply the number of your downloads as even if you manage to deceive them, it’s evident that they will leave you a disapproving rating which is potentially harmful.   Off-site Factors Off-site Factors can be delicate as they are outside of your influence. These factors include: number of downloads and ratings and reviews too. With the purpose of increasing the number of downloads, you can write quality narratives that make visitors to download to see your app for themselves. Your second option is funded marketing. You can use pay per click (PPC), Face book promotion, or traffic from other wide spread sites to produce users to your app and expect they download it. The second off-site factor for good rankings at Apple App store are clients` reviews. What you require is positive reviews, but these essentially to be genuine as otherwise they might do you more damage than benefit.  
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